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Gastronomía – Cabecera

B bou Hotels can’t be understood without our gastronomy, a key piece of our project and one of our main priorities ir orden to make you enjoy.


Gastronomía – Cuerpo

So, what would be better than to use all our cooking knowledge and amazing Andalusian ingredients? The cuisines of the Axarquia, Malaga and Andalusia, Costa del Sol, Ronda and Seville, in that order, are the core of the gastronomy we want you to discover, always from a contemporary perspective, opened to a Mediterranean and International touch.

This is the main goal we have been defending at B bou Hotel La Viñuela & Spa during the last 14 years, a goal that our Executive Chef, Manolo Ramos, is in charge to apply to the rest of our B bou Hotels, accompanied by a great team of professionals, to offer you some common identity signs, but also allowing to showcase the specialities of every place, so you will always find the best B bou quality – but with a unique touch.

What defines B bou’s gastronomy is the quality in every step of the process, the maximum respect for the ingredients, the coordination with our suppliers in order to get the best local and seasonal products, and the fusion of flavors, with the tradition as our guide, but always opened to experimentation and curiosity.

But a sublime gastronomy has to be accompanied by a perfect service, so we offer a high-quality menu to be enjoyed at warm halls or terraces with wonderful views. Everything counts in order to enjoy the gastronomy at B bou Hotels as a unique experience that will open your senses to a new world of flavors.

Gastronomía – Fotos