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Eventos – Cabecera

At B bou, we make your Event perfect, unique, a moment to live at the time and a moment to remember forever.


Eventos – Cuerpo

A wedding to celebrate with your most dearest, with a wonderful views of the Mediterranean Sea and to an amazing tropical forest, or maybe in a beautiful Mediterranean Garden of 10.000 m2, surrounded by Roman antiques…

A coaching session to share with your business colleagues, ending with funny sport activities next to a Natural Park, or an open-air work dinner, enjoying the most impressive views…

A romantic day to share with your loved ones, enjoying a private spa with amazing views, or maybe an all-time-friends gathering in an intimate place with Ronda, the Dreamed City, in sight…

Eventos – Fotos

Eventos – Extras

Let’s do some B{ magic }bou!

We want you to speak to us and tell us your dream. We will make it real at B bou.

Belén González Jiménez