The Malacitan nursing goat, a prestigious race


The malacitan nursing goat, the first Spanish goat meat with a quality brand, is one of the preferred all over the country, due to its amazing taste and the variety of its attributes.
As it’s stated on the Sabor a Málaga‘s webpage dedicated to this delicatessen, our province can be proud of having one of the most internationally important goat races: the Malacitan goat. In fact, Malaga’s nursing goat is the first Spanish goat meat with a quality brand.
To be considered as well, the Malacitan Nursing Goat Quality Brand implies that the little goat it’s only a month old, a weight between 8 and 10 kilograms and has been exclusively breastfed with mother milk by pure Malacitan goats.
Its meat, more and more consumed both inside Malaga and also worldwide, presents a pale rose color, a high grade of tenderness and juiciness, alongside a soft and charasteristic taste, and nutritionally is a light, healthy and easy to digest meal. There’s a lot of traditional recipes to taste it, such as ‘paletilla asada’, ‘chivo a la pastoril’ or in a ‘caldereta’.
As our Executive Chef, Manolo Ramos explained in this interview where he defined what does B bou tastes like, when you have an amazing product such as the famousChivo de Canillas (Canillas goat), the cooking has to be “the most natural, trying not to ruin the product, its protagonist; the hands of the chef only guides it to the perfect place, without adding undesired tastes”.
These hands, precisely, are the responsibles of the goat pathé[on the upper picture], known by our clients as the Axarquian foie, a delicious plate that, without any doubt, has become one of the strongest signs of B bou Hotels’ gastronomy.