Your wedding with B bou Hotels, a magic and unforgettable moment
17 Jul 2017

Your wedding with B bou Hotels, a magic and unforgettable moment

17 Jul 2017

Our main goal, at B bou Hotels, is to make your wedding at our unique places a perfect moment, to live in the present and to remember forever.

And to this goal we apply all our love, professionalism and efforts, to make you enjoy a Special Day to share with your beloved ones, be it next to an amazing Natural Park, bathed in the light of the Costa del Sol at B bou Hotel La Viñuela & Spa; with amazing views to the Mediterranean Sea and a forest of tropical cultives, with the beautiful town of Vélez-Málaga as witness, at B bou Hotel Cortijo Bravo; or maybe in an amazing Mediterranean Garden of 10.000 m2, surrounded by Roman antiques on the iconic ‘Serranía’ of Ronda, at B bou Hotel Molino del Arco. And if there is something that make us feel proud is to notice the happiness of our customers, a happiness that they share in person but also on our social media.

For example, on B bou Hotel La Viñuela & Spa’s Facebook page Lydia Jiménez defined the care of our team as “superior, the best at a 200%“, stating that it was “a huge success to celebrate our dreamed wedding there“. Álex Moreno comes back “every year” since his wedding in 2013, because he will never forget “the excellence, the incredible suite, the magnificent gastronomy and the charming environment“, beautiful words that end with a beautiful statement: “you are already part of our lives“.

Boda La Viñuela

Wedding at B bou Hotel La Viñuela & Spa

We’ve also noticed happiness and thankful words recently on B bou Hotel Cortijo Bravo’s Facebook page, a place that Yasmin Lamb defined as “absolutely beautiful, with perfect rooms, amazing views and fantastic food” and a team that she thanked to for ”their hard work and continuous help to make that day incredible“. Not only Yasmin would like to visit the place in the future, also Carmen Olbricht says that she is “crazy for coming back to such a charming place“, and for Reyes López Cortijo is just “the most beautiful place ever, where I got married“.

Boda en B bou Hotel Cortijo Bravo

Wedding in B bou Hotel Cortijo Bravo by Gabriel Cintado

Also B bou Hotel Molino del Arco’s social media received praises, such as the 5 stars review by Paloma Romero to a place she considers to be “in love – with the place, the food and the team“, a real “paradise of rest“. The same review goes for another regular client of our place in Ronda, Veronique Dexters, that shows her intention to come back shortly; the same as Chas Ity and Emmy Cash: they said that they “wish to be back real soon!“.

Boda en B bou Hotel Molino del Arco

Wedding in B bou Hotel Molino del Arco

But not only our customers: also the professionals are happy to come to work to our places, such as Dj SoMaR, to whom B bou Hotel La Viñuela & Spa is “a super hotel, my favorite“. Flor Valentínfeels motivated” on B bou Hotel Cortijo Bravo, a real help to her and her team to “enjoy working all summer, with no vacancy time at all!“. The wedding photographer David de Biasi publicly thanked B bou Hotel Molino del Arco for their support, defining it as “an incredible place to get married“. Other photographers such as Andrés Gaitán, Mery Gallardo or Gabriel Cintado also stated that our team receives them “with a big smile and the willing to make you feel good“; a team “attentive and ready to make everything A“. Finally, the wedding planner Sira Antequera, CEO of Sí! Quiero, gave B bou Hotels “a big thank you for helping us make another spectacular wedding: the human and professional quality of every member of the team that leads my friend María Herrero (brilliant, extraordinaire) deserves a ‘cum laude’“.

Boda de Ana y Aitori por SiQuiero

Wedding of Ana and Aitor by SiQuiero

And we want to end this text with a beautiful articule published by about Ana and Aitor’s wedding at B bou Hotel Cortijo Bravo, “a place so ideal” that, as the bride explains, “makes the time stops with an atmosphere that brings peace, calm and happiness“. For them, Ana and Aitor, “the places are also a reflection of the people who runs it, and all the B bou Hotels team were professional and kind. María Herrero, Belén, Virginia… They managed to share their passion to the whole team, their smiles and kindness“.

We encourage you to fill the void between B { } bou Hotels, telling us your experiences with us on Facebook (B bou, La Viñuela & Spa, Cortijo Bravo y Molino del Arco), Twitter (B bou, La Viñuela & Spa, Cortijo Bravo and Molino del Arco) and Instagram (B bou).

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