The beauty of Ronda, through 5 must-see places
13 Jul 2017

The beauty of Ronda, through 5 must-see places

13 Jul 2017

The ‘dreamed city’ of Ronda, ancient and millenial, counts with a huge cultural heritage, a delicious gastronomy and the perfect location that offers a unique natural environment, with the higlight of the famous gorge where you can enjoy the Genal Valley.

There is a lot to love in Ronda, a ‘Dreamed City’ that inspired great artists, a must visit if you are staying at our unique place right there, B bou Hotel Molino del Arco. Even if it’s kind of difficult to choose between so many options, you can’t miss these five must-sees spots in Ronda, recommended by Visit Costa del Sol’s blog that you have to add to your list of places to go when in Ronda:

Ronda Gorge – New Bridge. The New Bridge across the Gorge is one of Ronda’s most iconic images. Dating back to the eighteenth century, the bridge connects the historic district to the more recently developed parts of town. What makes it really special is the views it affords of the Gorge, known as ‘El Tajo’ in Spanish, a rocky ravine that is 100m deep and makes the bed of the river Guadalevín.

Royal Cavalry Armoury. Ronda’s bullring is one of the oldest and most spectacular bullfighting sites in Spain. The 66m ring is surrounded by the grandstands, laid out in five rows preceded by 136 Tuscan columns and 68 arches. Below the grandstands, the building houses the Bullfighting Museum, whose collections illustrate the history of the Royal Cavalry and of Spanish nobility. Interesting items include the collection of old guns and pieces from the Royal Saddlery of the House of Orleans.

Arab Baths. Ronda’s Arab baths were built in the days of Muslim rule, back in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. They are well preserved and still charming – and really popular with tourists. They are located in the district of San Miguel, in the suburbs, a stopping point for most visitors. Taking after the Roman model, the Arab baths include three different rooms, for hot, warm and cold water.

Cuenca Gardens. Developed 40 years ago, these gardens in Ronda pay tribute to Cuenca, which has been Ronda’s twin city since 1975. They were carved into the same shape as the meandering Tajo, over which they stand, featuring lots of curvy shapes and stairs. In addition, they offer panoramic views of the Palacio del Rey Moro (Moor King’s Palace), the House of the Counts of Santa Pola, the Convent of Santo Domingo and, of course the Gorge and the New Bridge.

Historic district. A tour of downtown Ronda will show you such wonders as the Mondragón Palace, housing the Municipal Museum of Archaeology, the Casa del Gigante (a Nasrid building from the thirteenth or fourteenth century), the Joaquín Peinado Museum of Contemporary Painting, the Bandit Museum, the Lara Museum of Art and Antiques and the Wine Museum. To meet local people and try local cuisine, you should pick a traditional bar and order roasted kid goat, chorizo with liquor, or partridge or rabbit Ronda-style. If you come to Ronda, you will never forget your experience in hinterland Málaga.

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