The sardine skewers, one of the icons of Malaga’s cuisine
08 Jun 2017

The sardine skewers, one of the icons of Malaga’s cuisine

08 Jun 2017

The ‘espeto’ (sardine skewers) is, without any doubt, one of the icons of Malaga’s cuisine. This way of cooking has been handed down from generation to generation to the so-called ‘amoragadores’ (grillmeisters) and it’s a pleasure to taste it on the beach.

Enjoying some delicious sardine skewers at one of our beautiful Malaga beaches is one of the most typical plans to recommend for falling in love with our Costa del Sol. To promote the importance of ‘espeto’ on our gastronomic culture, Málaga en la Mesa organized the 1st Espeto Route, with a Grand Finale to be hosted on June 30th at the ‘chiringuito’ (beach bar) of El Faro de La Pesquera in Marbella.

Technique and product get together in a rendez-vous where the public will select its favorites to compete on the finals, after more than 2.000 opinions registered on the offical website of this contest,

On this Grand Finale, such as the tradition on every beach of Malaga states, the ‘amoragadores’ (grillmeisters) will have to cook live their ‘espetos’ for the jury, that will consider diverse parameters such as the quality of the product, the fire, the taste and the presentation.

The election of Marbella, one of the jewels here at the Costa del Sol, for the celebration of the finals go along the popular initiative promoted on the city to include the ‘espeto’ on UNESCOS’ Intangible Cultural Heritage catalogue.

We at B bou Hotels are strongly decided to promote the Axarquian and Malacitan gastronomies, our local produces and producers, a defense that has been recently awarded by Malaga’s Academy of Gastronomy, that named B bou Hotel La Viñuela & Spa the Best Traditional Cuisine Establishment of 2016, so of course we applaud this event, so typical of our lovely coastline.

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