The beaches of the Costa del Sol, a warm and enlightening experience
28 Apr 2017

The beaches of the Costa del Sol, a warm and enlightening experience

28 Apr 2017

The amazing pools of our B bou Hotels La Viñuela & Spa and Cortijo Bravo are set to enjoy the unique weather of Andalusia, with views that underline the beauty of the Axarquia, but a visit to some of our nearest beaches of the Costa del Sol contributes to a warm and enlightening experience.

Through all its province, beaches are one of the most attractive features of Malaga, but the ones of its East Coast, located at the Axarquia, highlight due to its “rustic beaches of low occupation” qualification. That’s the main reason why these beaches are perfect for a calm trip during your vacations, away from the masses. They fit perfectly with the quiet and relaxed experiences we offer to you at our two unique places at the Costa del Sol.

The Axarquia has a coast full of beaches with different features, some of them very large but others being just tiny coves. Some of the most interesting would be:

El Peñón del Cuervo (Rincón de la Victoria)
It’s the first beach we can find when entering the coast of the Axarquia, but also one of the most beautiful, due to its natural surroundings. Also, it features a lot of services, including a nice trail for walking or biking.

Playa naturista de Almayate (Torre del Mar)
It’s the best option for nudists. Next to the Velez river, between reedbeds, it’s definitively one of our most beautiful places.

Playa del Morche (Torrox)
When entering the town of Torrox, the Morche beach it’s a huge surprise, because the water level runs so low that we can walk into the water for almost a hundred meters without being covered by it… This singularity makes this beach perfect for carrying our children with us.

Playas del Balcón de Europa (Nerja)
One of the most beautiful beaches around, for sure, because Nerja presents a lot of cliffs and coves through out its litoral. The low occupation of this beach makes it ideal for our most intimate moments.

Playa de Burriana (Nerja)
The Balcón de Europa beaches end in the Burriana beach, that features half a kilometer of extension. It’s one of the most popular beaches around, because there is some ‘chiringuitos’ (local bars to enjoy our amazing cuisine) and allows to play a lot of water sports.

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