The fascinating story of Molino del Arco’s own currency
16 Mar 2017

The fascinating story of Molino del Arco’s own currency

16 Mar 2017

The farm that hosts B bou Molino del Arco gathered its own currency, a coin that were used as an exchange tool for the workers that deposited there their kilos of olives.

B bou Molino del Arco hides a lot of intriguing stories behind its walls, something kind of ‘normal’ when you consider that this farm belongs to the Claveros since the Reconquest of Ronda in 1485. In fact, its origins were already told here by its current owner, Juan Clavero.

Inside its walls we will discover a lot of curious stuff, such as an old document written in the XVIII Century in which the owner at that time asked permission to the City Hall to cut some poplars, with the aim of maximizing the mill, and the permission gets granted, but under the condition of planting 10 new trees for each poplar cut.

But, amongst other stories, there is another one very particular. It’s about its own currency, coins made in the farm out of die-cutted copper, that equaled the kilos of olives deposited by the different farmers on their work at Molino del Arco.

The purpose of the emission of these coins was to guarantee the exact number of kilos that every farmer carried by, and each one will have a choice on the payment, after they left there their olives, whether it may be on money or product.

It’s, no doubt about it, a fascinating thing that perfectly defines B bou Molino del Arco, a truly unique place where old stories live… Unveil those stories!

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