B bou Hotel La Viñuela & Spa, Best 2016 Traditional Cuisine Establishment
13 Jan 2017

B bou Hotel La Viñuela & Spa, Best 2016 Traditional Cuisine Establishment

13 Jan 2017

Last Saturday, January 7th., the Gastronomic Academy of Malaga awarded B bou Hotel La Viñuela & Spa with its Santiago Domínguez Prize to the Best 2016 Traditional Cuisine Establishment, for the defense of the Axarquian and Malacitan flavors.

The Gastronomic Academy of Malaga is a prestigious institution that, established in November 1977, is considered as the oldest Spanish Gastronomic Academy. Nowadays presided by Enrique Cibantos Rodríguez, the Academy keeps on being faithful to its early philosophy: being present in gastronomic forums alongside Malaga, Andalusia and Spain, promoting the Andalusian cuisine and the ‘good eating’, in a bet for the high quality and prestigious cuisine, a starting point for having a quality tourism.

Academia Gastronómica de Málaga‘s Santiago Domínguez Prize is an honor and an acknowledgement to the continuous effort of a team that works at the B bou La Viñuela & Spa, but also to the strong defense of the Axarquian and Malacitan flavors, by our local produces and entrepreneurs, something that has been clear at B bou Hotel La Viñuela & Spa since its beginnings; and of course a leitmotiv that has been carried to the other unique B bou Hotels places.

María Herrero, recently awarded with the 2016 Premio Andalucía del Turismo, wanted to thank the Academia Gastronómica de Málaga in the name of all the B bou Hotels’ family, explained that it supposes an acknowledgement to her parents, Andrés and Carmen, “defenders since the beginning of the B bou Hotel La Viñuela & Spa of our traditional cuisine and excellence“, to Manolo Ramos, Executive Chef in charge of “making magic with our amazing produces“, to Álvaro Toledo, Executive Maître that “makes all our clients happy” and to “all the team that accompanies us in this beautiful journey“.

To María Herrero, B bou Hotels’ co-founder alongside her brother Andrés, this award “help to continue working on the same principles that we accept 17 years ago, with a strong compromise to our land and to our entrepreneurs, but with even more energy and illusion“.

On the upper picture, sent by the Gastronomic Academy of Malaga, from left to right Manolo Ramos, Carmen Herrero, Álvaro Toledo, María Herrero, Andrés Herrero (Sr), Belén González and Andrés Herrero (Jr).

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