Seville, a perfect city to enjoy the magic of Christmas
22 Dec 2016

Seville, a perfect city to enjoy the magic of Christmas

22 Dec 2016

From the most traditional nativity scenes to the avant-garde video-mapping shows, from theater to artist book fairs, from circus to pastry, everything sums up to make Seville a perfect place to enjoy a Christmas to remember.

Seville is a beautiful city with an impressive heritage, ready to be enjoyed anytime. But in Christmas it also offers a wide variety of proposals to enjoy while walking around the streets, squares and historic places, from the most traditional to the most hip.

Of course, these days when we are walking around the city we can’t miss the renowned Route of the Nativity Scenes. Also, if we add some delicious traditional pastry, cooked by the nuns in their convents, with recipes that go back in time some centuries, the day is nothing but perfect.

The culture is also present all over the city during Christmas. For example, Seville’s City Hall gathers so many different activities under the “Alumbra Sevilla” project, including the Seville’s Festival of Performing Arts, feSt; the beautiful initiative that brings light to the urban gardens, Luces de Barrio; the Artists Books’ Winter Fair; and theater, circus, flamenco, literature… With light also as a leitmotiv, there are scheduled some impressive music, sound and light shows that turn iconic places such as the ‘Setas’ (Metropol Parasol), the Palace of San Telmo or the Alameda de Hércules into an avant-garde spot.

A more traditional lighting is also protagonist on the streets of downtown Seville, lovely at every moment of the year, but extra special for our shopping needs during Christmas, with the familiar and tasty moment of walking around with a smell of roasted chestnuts.

And there are many others way of enjoying Seville, for example at the amusement park of Isla Mágica, at its museums and monuments. We strongly recommend you to schedule your activities visiting the City Hall and Visit Seville websites.

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