The “Velázquez. Murillo. Sevilla” exhibition anticipates the Murillo Year
09 Nov 2016

The “Velázquez. Murillo. Sevilla” exhibition anticipates the Murillo Year

09 Nov 2016

This exhibition, curated by Gabriele Finaldi, director of the London’s National Gallery, counts with the special collaboration of Museo del Prado and gathers 19 works of both Masters.

Since November 8th 2016 until February 28th 2017, the Hospital of Los Venerables (8, Plaza de los Venerables) will host “Velázquez. Murillo. Sevilla”, a must-visit show that anticipates the Murillo Year. With this exhibition, the Focus-Abengoa Foundation celebrates the 25th anniversary of their installation at the Hospital of Los Venerables.

Apart from the Prado Museum and the Focus-Abengoa Foundation, it features other pieces transferred from institutions such as the London’s National Gallery, the Louvre Museum, The Wellington Collection, Dulwich Picture Gallery, Vienna’s Kunsthistorisches Museum, Orléans’ Museum of Fine Arts, New York’s Frick Collection, Dallas’ Meadows Museum, Kansas’ The Nelson-Atkins Museum and Fondo Cultural Villar Mir, so it becomes a necessary rendez-vous for the lovers of universal art.

“Velázquez. Murillo. Sevilla”, besides, anticipates the already known as “Murillo Year” (1617-2017), an initiative from Seville’s City Hall that tributes the 400 years of his birth to enjoy that time at the city. In fact, there is not a lot of examples where an artist and his city are so symbiotic.

Activities such as exhibitions, concerts, publishings, workshops, city routes and other kinds of interventions will turn Seville, in 2017, as the epicenter for universal art, due to the strong international influence of Murillo’s body of work.

That’s why we recommend to book your travel with anticipation, because Seville, during this 2017 Murillo Year, is going to highlight even more with its exceptional cultural and heritage offer. Finally, here’s a video to enjoy the Seville of Murillo:


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