Conferences about María Zambrano on the 27th Center

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Málaga’s Council, to rescue the legacy of the thinker, philosopher and essayist born in Vélez, at the 27th Generation’s Centre, on November 17 and 18th.
The fall programme of Centro Cultural de la Generación del 27 (27th Generation’s Centre) will dedicate a series of conferences to the Vélez-Málaga born thinker María Zambrano, after 25 years of her sadly passing.
Daughter of the philosopher and educator Blas Zambrano, María learnt from Xavier Zubiri and was friends with José Ortega y Gasset. In her vast body of work it’s highlighted a strong civic commitment and a poetic way of thinking and, after a long exile, she will receive the two most important Spanish awards: the Príncipe de Asturias Award in 1981 and the Cervantes Prize in 1988.
The Vélez-born author will be tributed with a series of conferences, on November 17 and 18th, that feature her last secretary, Rosa Mascarell, and the expert on her body of work María Elizalde, besides Héctor Solsona’s creative project “Desentrañar el verso”.
With this proposal, the Centro del 27 didn’t want to miss the date for honoring María with a beautiful gathering that we strongly recommend if you’re staying at any of our two unique places at the Axarquía, the B bou Hotel La Viñuela & Spa and the B bou Hotel Cortijo Bravo, both located very near from the Málaga venue that hosts it, (Sala Isabel Oyarzábal, 4, Plaza de la Marina).
More information about these conferences on this link.