B bou Hotels introduces its brand in Cortijo Bravo
25 Oct 2016

B bou Hotels introduces its brand in Cortijo Bravo

25 Oct 2016

With the subtropical cultives and the beauty of Vélez-Málaga as a scenario, B bou Hotels introduced its brand in Cortijo Bravo to personalities, entrepreneurs, media and friends.

After the 14 years trajectory running the B bou Hotel La Viñuela & Spa, a reference for tourism in the Axarquia and the Costa del Sol that was recently awarded with the 2016 “Premio Andalucía del Turismo”, given away by Junta de Andalucía’s Consejería de Turismo y Deporte to his CEO, María Herrero, B bou Hotels introduced itself as a family group that proposes exceptional boutique hotels also in Ronda and Seville.

Last Friday October 21st, in an act that counted with the participation of the whole team, hosted by the B bou Hotel Cortijo Bravo, also located at the Málaga district of the Axarquía, in a place commonly known as the ‘the Axarquian Tuscany’ due to its beauty, B bou Hotels presented its brand, that comprehends the two hotels already mentioned at the Costa del Sol, another one in Ronda (B bou Hotel Molino del Arco) and other in Seville (B bou Hotel Casa Romana).

This meeting, that its co-founders, María and Andrés Herrero, had the chance to share with some personalities, entrepreneurs, media and friends, from the sectors of tourism and gastronomy, helped explain their main guidelines: the willing to share a different way of traveling, feeling, enjoying and living, and a strong commitment to quality, the luxury of details, the personal attention, the participation on our environmental development and the sustainable practices.

The guests had the opportunity of discovering the unique environment that the B bou Hotel Cortijo Bravo offers, and also enjoy the different gastronomic styles that are offered at their different hotels, being that Costa del Sol, la Axarquía, Ronda and Seville tastes, with fresh fishes and shellfishes, the tropical flavors of mango and avocado, the Canilla’s young goat, the cheese and the original ‘cola de toro’ (bull’s tail), or refreshing cocktails, as great protagonists.

Also, B bou Hotels’ identity signs, as María and Andrés Herrero stated, are harmony and passion; something that would be not worth it without having unique places with the ability of making the client fall in love with. B bou Hotels, in a way, has been growing up, little by little, from La Viñuela, as a family project, until the moment of opening itself to the world and to other sensations.

The birth of B bou Hotels also comes reinforced by the delivery, on September 23th, of the 2016 “Premio Andaluz del Turismo” on the category of ‘Enterprise or Entrepreneur’ to María Herrero.

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